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Shelfdust Presents

Oct 26, 2020

Nobody forgets their first time - but for Suzie, that first time has another reason for being so memorable, because whenever she has an orgasm... she pauses time. What happens when she meets another person just like her? Why, you get Sex Criminals #1! Matt's joined by special guest Samantha Puc to talk all about it!

Oct 19, 2020

Today we set sail for Krakoa, home of the X-Me... oh wait, that hasn't happened yet. Instead we're going waaayyy back in time for a revolutionary #1 issue which introduced more iconic characters than Cyclops has had hot dinners - it's Giant Size X-Men #1, and this week Matt is joined by special guest Rosie Knight to...

Oct 12, 2020

Told across decades, the first issue of Neil Gaiman’s revelatory series details the capture and imprisonment of Dream, one of the Endless People who control the minds and hopes of mankind. Joined by Sam Kieth, Gaiman tells a compulsive, contorted story which dwells on the details of craftmanship - and this week we're...

Oct 5, 2020

Jack Kirby’s OMAC was designed to be a vision of the future – but not even the King could’ve realised how darkly accurate he was. Kirby’s paranoia was meant to be overt and shocking, but now it simply feels prescient and unsettling – how did he know this would all start to come to life?? This week we're joined...